Monday, September 15, 2014

ten years after taking a leap of faith...

Ten years ago, I started my company. To the horror of my Mother I left a secure job, had no real backup plan - only a gut feeling that where I was working wasn't what was right for me. I owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people - my Mother included - because without her trepidation about my career move, I may not have taken the decision to resign so seriously. I also owe a lot to my Father - who I admired for his way of talking with people, conducting business, and treating people with kindness and respect - even in the times of pressure, stress and conflict. Anyways, perhaps one day I'll write it all down - the story of how I chose to resign, how I started the company, and the growth and changes, but what I really wanted to share today is how grateful I am to everyone who have stood beside me, behind me, and in front of me - giving me a hand to hold when I may have stumbled - all of whom who have helped me to follow my passion of being a creative. On first glance, to those who don't know the story, it may simply be an anniversary of a shop starting. But it's truly more than that - as a reader of my blog, you likely know that I throw my creativity in a lot of places - my house included. So although it is ten years of my shop, it is also the ten year anniversary of me taking a leap of faith - and never looking back. So I raise my glass to all of you, and cheers those that follow their passions, and support those who also want to do the same. xoxoxo

Pssst. The shop is having a sale - and some free gift offers. Check out the newsletter for those details. ;) 

*It's the job of a Mom to worry - when your eldest leaves what looks like a dynamite job for the unknown, I get why she was horrified. ;)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#ProjectPinkRoom - Drapery Fabric

I'm SO CLOSE to revealing the Etsy room makeover that we're doing. 99% of the items I've purchased have arrived, so we're SO close. My girlfriend and I spent all today running around the city, checking the remaining things on our list. (and maybe a coffee stop here and there, some Ikea Hot Dogs, and then lunch....we were without the kids, so it was a little liberating!)

We stopped in at Tonic Living to check out fabrics together for the drapery and I nearly DIED when I saw this. Happily, my girlfriend was equally smitten and so it was done. I seriously cannot WAIT for these drapes. I'm living vicariously through my girlfriend, decorating a girls room. Oscar's room will one day be updated, but there is something about pink. OMG. I love it. I'm not a designer by any means but seriously people, I'm obsessed with these projects of getting to have fun with other people's rooms. AS IF people get paid to do this fun! (Not quitting my day job, but seriously, this is the best)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bedroom Makeover + Video (sponsored)

I'm so close to revealing the "after" of Peter and Lindsay's space! But before I do - I have a few more steps I want to elaborate on. First I showed what they picked for the Living Room but I have yet to show you what they picked for the bedroom. Truthfully, I was having the hardest time coming up with a "look". Which I thought was probably relateable to many people so I thought I'd share my process on this room, because in the end, the after is ridiculously fun and the process is hopefully inspiring for someone else. So for the bedroom, I'm going to do things differently and show you the actually process for the room, and hold back on the reveal until later.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

a little snippet from the weekend

I hope you had a nice weekend! Saturday night we had a very impromptu bonfire in the garden.  With it getting darker earlier, the globe lights that I had put up for my party - and have yet to take down, sparkled in the night sky. It was a perfect night. Above are some shots of it - blurred with the Camera+ iPhone App - Great for blurring those kids photos that you don't want to plaster all over the blog and yet, also a great function for globe lights in the night sky. ;)  This week is rather busy so it may be rather quiet on the blog as I tackle some business, some blog shoots for Leon's and get into a groove of getting Oscar settled at school. Apologies in advance for dissapearing for the week, but my Mommy role is taking front seat and then business takes priority too. xo Linds

Thursday, September 4, 2014

#ProjectPinkRoom - Decorating a Room with Etsy

#ProjectPinkRoom items sourced via Etsy
Fall seems to be the Season of makeover projects - and I'm doing the happy dance that I have a second "makeover" up my sleeve. And this time - it's with Etsy! AND - it's for a little girl!! Eeeee! Getting to work with people I love (like my brother and his wife) and now my girlfriends daughter as my "client"- well. Pretty fun.  This project happened rather innocently - perhaps over a glass of wine. I'm not sure really how it bean but my girlfriend asked me for some help in pulling her daughters room together. And then it started, I was obsessed with making her daughters room uber cute. Over the Summer I was started sourcing items while at auctions, finding pieces of furniture at vintage shops, texting photos at 10pm at night - and sourcing items via Etsy. I'm not sure whether or not my girlfriend was expecting the onslaught of ideas coming at her via texts and e-mails but I guess that's why we're friends - she was just as excited about it all as I was.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Last winter I treated myself to a Clarisonic Aria. (I thought I had blogged about it, but searching through my archives I can't seem to find any review so I guess I didn't!) Anyhow, purchasing it was a bit of a gamble - I'm always leary of these things - especially when it comes with such a high price tag. But after a lot of research, I decided on getting one. And. Loved it. My $200 wasn't a waste, and all of the reviews were correct. The machine was worthy of all the praise it was getting. It made my skin glow.

Personally, I use my regular face cleaning gel with it, and then afterwards, use my face with moisturizer as I normally would. Having used the machine (It takes 1 minute, it times you) preps your face to absorb moisturizer so much better. In the morning, I'm looking refreshed.

But as the story goes, I loved it so much I brought it with me on the Delta trip, and .......... proceeded to leave it behind in the hotel, long gone, never to be seen again. (My heart sank when I realized this) Because it was such a hefty investment and we're not made of moulah - I decided that was that, and it was a gonner. But over the summer, my skin began looking dull. After much deliberation, I bit the bullet and, bought it again. Within 2 days of using it -  my skin was glowing again. I can't rave enough about this contraption. So although in the end, the unit ended up costing me twice as much because I had to replace the one I lost, it's so worth it because it totally works. Just a big shout out for this machine.  I purchased mine from Amazon - I found the pricing to be the best on their site. Although you can also find the Clarisonic line on Sephora, and in stores in your hometown. That is all. Highly, highly recommend.

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Ps., Read Kisha's review on her blog. It's really what helped me seal the deal over her to initially buy it. My review isn't as grand as hers - I'm like a fan girl for this thing so feel like I'm blabbering on a mile a minute about it. Whereas Kisha's is really a true, lovely review. Check it out!