Tuesday, June 19, 2012

kitchen reno progress shots

Here is another sneak peek at what is going on in the house via an instagram photo. New cabinets, floor, the stove is in place and the microwave is securely above it. We've extended the base cabinets into the eat in kitchen. Although we've hit a few delays, we're still moving at a good pace. The reno created a lot of mess and because I don't feel it's a totally safe spot for Oscar, the two of us are still camping out at Moms. Aubrey visits us at night, helps me with Oscar's bedtime (to give me a break) and then heads back home. I feel like we're dating again. (but with a child) Tomorrow I'm heading down there to paint the ceiling and do some tidying up. Aubrey thinks that until the counter is in, I shouldn't be moving in. So, time will tell when I get to move back! xo Linds


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